Industrial Equipment &


Making, distributing, and maintaining complex products requires a different type of operational execution. Therefore, visibility to the deep supply chain and quick, effortless collaboration with up and downstream stakeholders is critical for smooth, predictable operations.


End-to-end visibility

End-to-end visibility and traceability is critical in environments that have multiple transaction systems and are characterized by product complexity.



Alerts to potential component shortages based on affected finished products/sub-assemblies are key to managing sourcing of input materials.



Insights to process optimization can help with better integrating with outdated backend systems and coping with modernization and emerging technologies.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industry capabilities

Supply Management Direct Materials, Engineered Goods

  • Early alerts on delays based on trends, acknowledgments, ASN & GR postings
  • Serial tracking & traceability
  • Vendor timeliness, fill-rate, & quality analysis
  • Real-time view of all procurement KPIs

Manufacturing & Sales Operations

  • Instant serial no. track and trace for up/downstream visibility of (sub-) components
  • Monitoring of production schedule & cost
  • Equipment maintenance & repair performance
  • Spares replenishment via sensor data


  • Carrier/Shipping alliance and route performance analysis, expeditor integration
  • Inventory-location mix analysis and re-alignment prescription
  • Vendor timeliness, fill-rate, & quality analysis
  • Impact assessment of delay on downstream processes with corrective prescriptions


  • Product availability SLA monitoring and related alerts
  • Track and trace for recalls, reliability on-field related alerts
  • Spares Inventory alerts- Product performance (sensor) & consumption data

Key Benefits


Prevent component
shortages and delays

Integrate transaction and IoT data to get a real-time view of purchase transactions, production schedules, warranty/maintenance contracts and field failures. Detect supply-demand gaps and prevent component shortages.

Track & trace
components easily

Trace components based on serial number, supplier or final equipment details. Effortlessly pin-point units that need attention/recall or trace back origin of issues in a multi-tier supplier network.


component costs

Reduce cost supported by improved lead times, more accurate forecasts, fewer change requests and fewer expedites.

manufacturing yield

Track manufacturing progress and supplies against custom order details for improved yields and fewer reworks.

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