Solution Apps

The Quickest Path to Enterprise Agility

Power your operations with data. The Solution Portfolio makes it simple with ready to use solution packages. Just load the data and the packages will get you started on the Agility path. The story of your operations will come alive with visibility to every opportunity and risk. With the algorithms and bots, you will act on them quickly and efficiently.


Hear the story of your operations as said by your data. See the patterns, anomalies and inconsistencies. Know the pitfalls and identify areas that need your attention.


Does your process leave money on the table? OpsVeda’s algorithms will identify opportunities and risks where action can be taken to augment revenue or reduce costs.


Acting on prescriptions from OpsVeda is easy. With Bots and APIs from the Solution Factory, Actions in other system can be automated completely or be executed with human monitoring.



OpsVeda’s Solution Portfolio enables your team to have accurate and easy visibility to the state of your business and pinpoint the transactions that need attention. See a sampling of the packages below.

Which orders are at risk of being canceled? Which ones will miss customer committed dates? Should shipping be done from an alternate location? The package answers these and many other questions that plague sales operations teams daily. Read More

The package allows managers to make an educated estimate of the revenue for the period. It also enables them to simulate revenue estimates based on different assumptions for fulfillment based on stage of the order and stock availability. Read More

Procurement managers use the package to match supply to demand and identify purchase orders requiring additional action like pull forward, expedite, push back or cancellation. Read More

Use this package to keep track of ETAs for your inbounds and outbounds. Identify the containers that need to be prioritized based on demand and inventory on hand. Read More

With this package, your team can continuously assess inventory alignment to demand and proactively re-balance as necessary. Factor in inventory age and expiry to help planners pull forward or push out purchases, and make disposition or promotion decisions. Read More

The package provides visibility & traceability to manufacturing processes. It links production to inventory & purchases to identify production orders and consequently customer orders that is at risk of delays. Related alerts enable proactive action. Read More

Quality managers can use this package to analyze quality trends and identify potential correlations. The package also includes lot/ batch genealogy capabilities for up & downstream track and trace.

The package enables you to receive updates from your suppliers on the status of your purchase orders. By continuously analysing incoming as well as missing information against your production schedules, it alerts you to supply situations that need intervention. Read More

This package enables managers to monitor the entire supply chain network including plants, warehouses, suppliers and demand locations. It includes capabilities to overlay disruptions and execution issues on the network for contextual analysis. Detailed drill-downs help pinpoint affected transactions and stakeholders. Read More

This package enables you to continuously assesses the realness of forecasted demand and ability of planned supply to service the demand. It does this assessment across the breadth (Department, Product-line, Brand) as well as the depth (SKU-Variants, Sizes, Colors) of your company’s offerings. Read More


Well defined processes streamline activities that keep the business running. But, processes also overlook many fringe situations resulting in revenue & margin leakages. OpsVeda’s Opportunity Apps enable your team to identify such unusual situations early and prescribe action that will improve your bottom-line. See a sampling of such apps below:

Normally meeting the minimum fill-rate threshold means that the order gets shipped though that is not always the most optimum. It might be possible to achieve a higher fill-rate by requesting the customer for more time or by pulling in purchase/production. The app identifies such sales orders and prescribes the course of action. Read More

Based on past demand patterns and canceled orders, the app identifies excess stock that have a higher probability of sale. It recommends potential customers and promotions as needed.

The app prescribes price revision by considering current & past demand, inventory levels, current & past prices and organizational margin guidelines.

Client requested engineering changes often result in redundant unreturnable raw material inventory. Complexity & scale of engineering operations together with contractual nuances make claims to the customer against such inventory complex. The app automatically generates the claims and help users track it to receipt of reimbursement.

Inventory may pile up due to many reasons including unexpected demand dips. This app identifies such SKUs and based on rules prescribes the purchase orders or/and production orders that can be pushed out or canceled. Read More

This app prescribes the best way to fulfill an order, especially when the primary shipping location is short of stock. Based on shipping & work order costs, transit time and other configured rules, the system prescribes alternate shipping locations, labels and SKUs.


Automation makes it easy for users to act on OpsVeda’s prescriptions. These actions include transaction updates in another system, communication to a customer or vendor or internal sharing of information. OpsVeda supports both Bot and API based automation.

Bots provide a quick and easy way to automation. They also have the added advantage of optionally allowing the user to visually monitor the action being carried out and if required even intervene. Examples of Bots that carry out actions from OpsVeda can be downloaded from the Automation Anywhere Bot Store. These also serve as a guide to create your own Bots.

APIs in third party systems can be invoked by OpsVeda to act on prescriptions. Compared to Bots, APIs have the advantage of speed and robustness. They may be preferred for actions on high volumes of data.