Your AI Assistant

JUNI is an AI assistant that helps you make sense of the large volumes  of operational data. With its Generative AI capabilities, JUNI understands what you’re saying and gives you insightful answers to business questions. Whether it’s for a status check, a deeper interpretation of a chart, or a recommendation, ask JUNI the same way you would ask a colleague.


JUNI gives you insights about your data in words that you easily understand. Have a complicated chart? Ask JUNI to generate a summary with a click. JUNI’s Generative AI capabilities are available for every chart and data set on the OpsVeda platform. With a simple configuration, you can input your question (called “prompts”) and JUNI will analyze the data in the context of your question and provide concise insights. If you need the analysis regularly, just ask JUNI to email it to you.


You don’t have to login to OpsVeda to use the ask JUNI feature. JUNI can be accessed through collaboration apps like Slack, Teams, and WhatsApp. Find out what materials will soon be out-of-stock or the status of a purchase order. Ask your questions in regular business language and let JUNI sift through the data to get you the right information.

Behind the Scenes

The more you use JUNI, the more it learns, and the more reliable it becomes. This is possible because OpsVeda anonymizes and logs everything that JUNI is asked. At the same time, OpsVeda’s algorithms and data stewards review the questions along with JUNI’s answers to refine them. This curated history becomes the repository for JUNI’s training and makes its analysis and answers better over time. Anonymization as well as encryption while invoking Large Language Models ensures data security.

Search, Learn, and Predict with JUNI.

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