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JUNI is your assistant helping you make sense of large stores of data. It is business aware and understands how you speak, how you think, and how you operate. That means you can easily leverage the data to run operations effectively.

What is JUNI?

JUNI is your AI assistant. It listens to you and crawls the data artifacts in OpsVeda to put together answers to your everyday questions. It comes equipped with broad and deep business knowledge across sales, supply, logistics, manufacturing, customers, products, vendors, delays, inventory, expiration, revenue, margins, and more. It understands the domain and knows what needs attention. JUNI continuously benefits from the data that is captured from the universe of systems of record and other data sources, as well as from user activities on the OpsVeda platform.


What can JUNI do for you?

Powered by OpsVeda’s patented Process-Agnostic Data & Measure Store architectures, JUNI simplifies the process of integrating complex business functions and measures into your daily decision-making. The natural language-driven interface enables you to quickly assemble the measures of interest into a coherent storyboard that will allow you to monitor your operations. In addition, the interactive interface and advanced filtering capabilities help users effortlessly separate the signal from the noise and zero in on the customers, products, suppliers, warehouses, or transactions that need attention.


Mar 21, 2022
Supply chain disruptions are very much in the news. Industries have spent years fine-tuning their operations for peak efficiency, maintaining just-in-time inventory, deploying lean manufacturing methods, and digitizing the flow of information. Leading companies like...
Jan 26, 2022
Einstein: “God does not play dice with the universe” Bohr: “Einstein, stop telling God what to do” The above is a famous exchange between two of the finest minds that walked this planet. Einstein was expressing his...

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