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Operations Management System

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Operational Agility with OpsVeda

Proactive decision-making has never been this important for your business. An Operations Management System that prescribes action for measurable outcomes was never this critical.

OpsVeda marries process depth to AI-infused patented technology. The result is proactive surfacing of opportunities and risks, prescriptions for optimization, and automation for productivity.

Agility through real-time operational intelligence. 
Continuous discovery, optimized outcomes, and automated action. Now.

The OpsVeda Way






The Platform


Uncover what needs attention to improve the state of your operations and enhance enterprise agility.


Evaluate and prescribe action that will improve your bottom-line targeting specific opportunities.


Execute transactions in an appropriate system, communication to a customer or vendor or internal sharing of information using BOTs or APIs.


An AI assistant that is business aware, NLP/NLU capable and understands the way you operate.

The Platform

The OpsVeda software suite is powered by an AI-infused, real-time, automation capable platform that also powers the rich content of the OpsVeda Solution Factory.

Transformative initiatives do not have to be lengthy or risky. OpsVeda’s low risk approach allows your business to start reaping the benefits of Operational Intelligence while pushing out significant investments till the benefits are evident.

OpsVeda’s out-of-the-box solution packages is the quickest path to enterprise agility. The first phase focuses on discovery of hidden data patterns and surfacing of exceptional situations. Next phase utilizes optimization apps to handle exceptions on a continuous basis. The third phase further enhances efficiency by bringing in autonomous capabilities.



Sep 14, 2023
Is your enterprise able to respond rapidly to geopolitical situations and global event that require changes to operational processes? Learn how configurability with an Operations Management System can help enterprises easily establish new processes to...
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