OpsVeda Operational Decisions Platform helps you plug REVENUE AND MARGIN LEAKAGE on a continuous basis, and provides intelligent decision support to optimize outcomes across every customer, every product, and every transaction. Make Best Decisions, in Real-time.

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OpsVeda Product and Solution Offering

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What you know matters. When you know matters more.

Platform – Any Process, Any Data, Any Device

US Patent No. 9,639,595



“Real-time actionable storyboards for order fulfillment, product allocations & shipping processes…”
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“Real-time actionable storyboards for procurement, inbound shipping, shortage and optimization…”

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Manufacturing Intelligence

“Real-time actionable storyboards for manufacturing, quality, shop floor scheduling and production optimization…”

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“Real-time actionable storyboards for inventory visibility, aging, shelf life optimization, shortage & overage analysis and disposition…”

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Revenue Risk Management

“Manage live demand, supply, inventory & in-transit to optimize revenue, margins, and risk…”

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Logistics & In-Transit

“Real-time actionable insights to know exactly where your inbounds and outbounds are, container prioritization, predictive ETA’s, risks, & opportunities…”
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Channel/Retail Intelligence

“Live view of out of stock risk, inventory shortages/overages, channel insight, retail KPI’s, OTIF, lead times and more…”

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“Real-Time Actionable storyboards for predictive and prescriptive maintenance, spanning plans, workloads, labor & costs, alarms, downtime/ uptime…”
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End to End Monitor

“Real-time actionable storyboards for end to end supply chain visibility and optimization. Live integrated view of supply, demand, inventory and in-transit for optimal execution…”

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About OpsVeda

At OpsVeda, we envision a world where the power of data brings simplicity to day-to-day operational decision making. Our real-time solutions provide operations teams ready answers for questions they encounter daily. By simplifying operations we enable the Enterprise to achieve Speed and Scale. Learn More




OpsVeda has been a huge win for R+F. It is central to effective order management and fulfilment process; helping us improve perfect order rate while reducing cycle times. The real-time operations visibility combined with alerting and collaborative features, surprisingly also helped us stay on top of complex testing and data validation phases during recent launch of our new web-based e-commerce solution.

– Neil Calderon, Senior Director–Supply Chain Infrastructure


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