Purpose-Built Platform
for Enterprise Operations

Data source agnostic | Automation capable | Rapid go-live


The OpsVeda Operations Management System is powered by an AI infused and automation capable platform. The platform uses algorithms and rules to monitor business events in real-time and alerts users to risks and opportunities in the context of customer relationships and financial outcomes. It is the engine powering the rich content of the OpsVeda Solution Portfolio. The platform enables a quick and low-risk way for companies to enjoy the benefits of an Operational Intelligence solution.

Patented Data Model
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Patented Technology

OpsVeda uses an open data model build with Process Agnostic Data & Measure Stores (PADS/ PAMS) technologies to easily compile ingested data. It enables monitoring transactions end-to-end without piecing together data from disparate sources. It is engineered to process data and events at high speed and can support even near real-time requirements.
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An AI assistant, JUNI provides contextual answers to users. It utilizes NLP and domain understanding to interpret users’ business questions, pull the right data with the required filters, assemble the visualizations and provide the drill-downs. It goes beyond the obvious answers and helps the user to address the deeper issues.
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Customers will benefit from bots that automate the actions prescribed by the OpsVeda platform to be carried out in external systems or within OpsVeda. Besides end-to-end autonomous capabilities, bot-based integration enables a low effort and low risk deployment.
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Operations involve several moving parts managed by people from different teams and companies across the supply chain working together. Because insights are more valuable when shared, OpsVeda enables collaboration through in-app messaging and annotation features.
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OpsVeda delivers value almost immediately after being switched on. It can easily ingest data from any source - real-time integration with systems, offline data lakes, reports, files etc. Leveraging out-of-the-box data templates to load the data enables a rapid start. The Solution Factory content ensures that the user sees the value right away.
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Security & Scale

Your data in OpsVeda is secured with up-to-date industry standards around user security and encryption at all stages. The system scales regardless of data volumes, and provides elasticity needed during seasonal peaks.
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Machine Learning

The vast library of business functions in OpsVeda can also plug in to Machine Learning & Mathematical Optimization algorithms if more granular identification and prioritization is desired. Over time, the machine learning capabilities refine the prediction of outcomes.
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Data Acquisition & Connectors

Simple configuration enables ingestion from data lakes and reports, enabling users quickly with a range of insights, prescriptions & alerts. As needed, restful event-based real-time connectors can be deployed, as well as ready-made integration to pull-in data from third party providers.
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Broad Technology Choices

The OpsVeda platform is built using open-source technology. It is compatible with a number of applications and technologies – open source and those centered on well-known technology providers. This ensures that existing technological investments are leveraged to the maximum.
OpsVeda Platform Architecture

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