Purpose Built Platform
for Enterprise Operations

Enterprise Operations Require a Specialized Intelligence Platform

OpsVeda is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of teams running operations in large enterprises. The platform:

  • Monitors business events in real-time because operations has to respond at the pace of business… not at the pace of batch jobs
  • Automatically maps complex processes because that is the operational reality, and simple aggregation and filtering don’t cut it
  • Is the hub for information from diverse sources, because data gets generated in the extended enterprise in countless systems and “things”
  • Is easily customizable and extensible, because every enterprise is different.

Open data model built with a Process Agnostic Data Store (PADS)
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Streaming every data tick… The fast, highly optimized in-memory computation engine
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Make your teams more efficient. Leverage machine learning to supplement their decision making.
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Bring your own data and blend it with what is already there. All on your own.
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Intuitive Rules Engine – “Manage by Exceptions”
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Tools to ensure that collaboration among teams is easy and in-context.
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Data sources and connectors to stream business events from across the enterprise.
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Choice of deployment options – Cloud or On Premise
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Secured private cloud, Single sign-on, SAML, Kerberos.
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Any Process, Any Data, Any Device

US Patent No. 9,639,595

Information Hub – Process Agnostic Data Store

To construct a business narrative, the user has to weave together information from disparate systems and processes. OpsVeda deploys an open data model built with a Process Agnostic Data Store* (PADS) technology that allows easy configuration of such process chains.
The architecture:

  • Enables the business analyst to rejig configurations and events, to synchronize the system with ever changing business processes. No more dependence on IT.
  • Allows integrating multiple operations into process chains, making it possible to monitor a process or a business transaction end-to-end. No more stitching together multiple reports or web apps for a holistic view of the situation.

* patent no: US 9,639,595

Real-Time Processing

Just-in-time shipments, penalties linked to delays or customer specific requirements, auto-cancellation of unconfirmed orders… there is a lot of riding on the operational timeliness. In a typical BI system where mail arrives twice a day, problem situations unravel when it is already too late. At OpsVeda “real-time” is the crux of what we do because it matters to Operations.

  • Our data connectors ensure that changes to transactions and ‘things’, are transmitted to the Information Hub immediately.
  • The PADS model of OpsVeda is designed for streaming every data tick. The fast, highly optimized in-memory computation engine capable of processing hundreds of millions of rows of data in seconds ensures that the user gets the business implication of the change immediately.

Machine Learning

Operations teams make hundreds of decisions every day. As the information hub, OpsVeda becomes the repository of facts and figures related to the operational situations and the corresponding decisions. Machine learning capabilities are leveraged to analyze the information, uncover patterns and extract actionable insights lurking in that ocean of data.

Should an order for an over-selling item be substituted with another SKU, or should it be shipped from another warehouse or should the order be declined? The answer mostly is “it depends.” Through machine learning, OpsVeda uncovers the factors the decision “depends” on, whether it is the available free stock, the customer priority, current fill rates for the customer, the time of the year, or the type of product. Every piece of information is analyzed – no data is left behind. This enables it to detect similar situations in the future and prescribe action. That means your team spends their time on unique problems that really requires their expertise and experience. For the routine ones, they just review and approve what OpsVeda suggests based on its learning.

End-user Self-service with “Canvas”

For teams running operations, time is money. That means the end-user does not have the luxury of waiting for technical support to set up a report or dashboard. OpsVeda Canvas enables self-service data discovery. With Canvas, end-users can:

  • Load their own data into the OpsVeda platform
  • Blend streaming operational data with new data-sets
  • Leverage a wide catalogue of charts to create powerful visualizations
  • Slice/ dice along different dimensions, color code and filter for deeper insights
  • Set up access privileges and workflow to publish the data/ visualization to a wider audience.

Storyboards – One Workbench for the entire COO organization

Using the bundled cool, intuitive and visual tools, business analysts themselves design Storyboards in OpsVeda. Therefore they tell it as business sees it, and that makes them inherently different from regular BI dashboards.

Using the Exception Builder, the business analyst can effortlessly configure the rules the organization uses to separate the tasks that need attention from the ones where it is business as usual. Which is a “high risk order”? One can only guess (read some pre-built definitions)… only you really know what it is. And that is why you should have the chance to configure your business rules.

Operations goes on even when you are on the move. Apps for iOS and Android make it possible to manage your business from anywhere, at anytime.

OpsVeda’s fine-grained permissions capability enables everyone to take their cues from the exact same data set at that moment. Consequently, from the COO to the worker bee, in every group, run with the exact same information. Further, you can also invite your business partners to collaborate on the same platform.


Operations involves a number of moving parts managed by people from different teams and companies. Many decisions involve the collective inputs of multiple members of these large geographically spread teams. Considering team members could be involved in scores of such decisions everyday, it often becomes difficult for them to keep track of the context and progress.

OpsVeda comes with capabilities to enable this intense and voluminous collaboration:

  • In-mails allow users to collaborate in the context of a single transaction, or a group of transactions. Since the annotations are attached to the transaction, the complete history is always there and all stakeholders are on the same page.
  • Insights are more valuable when shared. Whether it is a complete storyboard, an aggregate chart, or an individual transaction, the OpsVeda platform comes with a number of options to enrich, annotate and share your insights with other team members.
  • Collaborate even when you are on the go. The collaboration features are available irrespective of the size of your screen.

Data Connectivity and Sources

Effective operations require analyzing multiple pieces of information from across the supply chain. OpsVeda comes with built in connectors for a number of business systems and technologies. If you have a source of data, chances are that OpsVeda already has a connector for that.


Live in 8-10 weeks… Cloud or On Premise!

Security & Scale

The COO organization is mostly the biggest team in the company. As the single Information Hub for this large organization, security & scalability has to be enterprise grade.

One-way encryption of passwords, strong password policy enforcement, Single Sign On with SAML/ Kerberos, SSL encryption for data in-transit and 3 layers of encryption on DR storage, to name a few, are some of the measures we take to ensure security, confidentiality and privacy.

In-memory processing of all the data ensures that users get the analysis in Real-time, despite the volumes. Running on AWS gives the elasticity for seasonal peaks.

“OpsVeda appeared to handle the load effortlessly. The user experience has been great – the gap between a detrimental business event getting recorded in the back-end system, OpsVeda assessing the impact, and the user being alerted to the prioritized transaction was less than a minute (very often <10s). Finally, the Operations team can address issues proactively!”

– Samrat Sengupta, Senior Director — Business Applications, SanDisk Corporation

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