OpsVeda for High Tech

Because shorter product
life-cycles call for greater
operational agility.

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Actionable Real-Time Operational Intelligence for Hi-Tech Companies

Real-time view of Process Health

More precise Bookings and Red-Zone Backlog management

Proactive alerts on Delays and Exceptions

OpsVeda real-time storyboards for High-Tech Companies

Key Benefits

  • Gain real-time visibility into operational exceptions

    Gain comprehensive visibility across your supply chain to optimize multi-channel sales and revenue management. Increase speed of corrective action, leading to greater agility and better decision making.

  • Increase on-time order confirmation

    Real-time monitoring of unconfirmed orders, reduce out-of-stock, manage design registrations.

  • Reduce costs, Optimize revenue & inventory mix

    Integrating processes for sales, inventory, and operations enables collaborative decision making across the enterprise by balancing demand and supply while pursuing optimal product availability.

  • Improve customer service levels

    Monitor transportation and warehousing activities, validate milestones, and identify impacts. Reduce backlogs, Achieve intelligent re-routing.

“In today’s connected world, up-to-minute insight into one’s sales backlog and shipping status is critical to driving customer satisfaction and efficiency within an organization…. OpsVeda has provided an innovative solution of “seamlessly” plugging into the SAP back-end and providing these on-demand actionable dashboards in real time. What an opportunity for a quick win at minimal expense!”

– Naresh Lachmandas | CIO | High Tech Industry Expert

  • Low cost SaaS solution
  • Pre-integrated with SAP
  • Includes AWS cloud + SAP HANA
  • Real-time operations
  • Deployed in weeks

“…Earlier, we used to confirm around 85% of orders the same day. With OpsVeda we got that figure to 98%.”

-Samrat Sengupta | Senior Directior IT | SanDisk



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    OpsVeda for High-Tech.
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