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OpsVeda real-time storyboards for Food & Beverage Companies

Key Benefits

  • Gain real-time visibility into operational exceptions

    Grow profitably with strategic and actionable insight in real time. Recapture a portion of the typical 10-20% revenues and margins left on the table due to out-of-stocks, excess inventory and related customer chargebacks.

  • Comply with track and trace requirements

    At times of increased regulatory attention and frequent product recalls, having such real-time capabilities at hand is a pre-emptive competitive differentiator. Achieve real-time lot genealogy.

  • Reduce costs, Optimize revenue & inventory mix

    Reduce SLA linked penalties, reduce LTL shipments, replenish optimally on-time, run timely promotions. Analyze inventory mix to maximize overall sales volume, and profit.

  • Improve customer service level

    Smart fill-rate management, inventory allocation. Production tracking and downstream adjustments.

A solution for your business processes:

Operations teams tackle a host of challenges, Food quality and safety concerns are among the most important issues facing food and beverage companies today. Consumer and regulatory concerns over food safety have increased dramatically. OpsVeda brings real-time storyboards that help operations teams to:

  • Instantly track & trace for identification of recalled lots/ units and their locations
  • On-shelf availability and sell-through rate related alerts.
  • Time on shelf analysis and inventory optimization
  • Alerts based on stock ageing and expiration dates
  • Smart material management with real-time operational intelligence

  • Low cost SaaS solution
  • Pre-integrated with SAP
  • Includes AWS cloud + SAP HANA
  • Real-time operations
  • Deployed in weeks



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