JUNI – The AI powered assistant within the OpsVeda Platform

With ever increasing time pressures on most workers, it is has become important for business software to be intuitive and have a user-friendly interface. The intelligence presented to users should not only be intuitive to grasp and understand but also be presented in a way that comes naturally to them. For those individuals who must engage in experimenting with “what-if” scenarios and those who need to optimize decisions based on complex intelligence, this is of even greater need.


Enterprises are faced with a myriad of challenges every day. A CEO may want to solve massive margin leakage on a large order, customer service may want to apply customer specific rules to a production order, a planner notices their company’s supply does not match customer demand, a buyer is faced with delayed communication with his suppliers, inventory management is losing track of expiring products and logistics managers disagree on how to decide when to ship via air crate and when to ship via sea container. These are all difficulties that many have sought to address with traditional ERP systems and BI but with limited success. Combine all this with the lack of an easy-to-use solution interface and you have the recipe for lack of adoption for any system, let alone it being used for complex queries and “what-if” analyses.

When you have a need for continuous intelligence about your processes and operations and you are constrained by the inability to query your system to find an unique nugget of information that can help avert disaster or gain you a competitive edge, then you need a system that can in real-time react to your natural language interaction and provide you the answers you are seeking from your live data – accurate and up to that minute.


The OpsVeda platform is an AI and automation enabled real-time process focused platform that allows wide ranging flexibility to the enterprise to optimize decisions pertaining to some of the most critical issues it might encounter. It helps sales, planners and customer service departments to address manufacturing and distribution exceptions in a highly proactive, efficient and scalable manner. The solution provides visibility across process steps, leading to reduced lead times, increased savings and improved customer satisfaction. A real-time view of backlogs, unconfirmed orders and the ability to draw on filtered and prioritized task lists provide quick relief.

The OpsVeda platform comes with an extremely powerful tool, JUNI, that brings to life its technology capabilities. JUNI is a domain-aware search query system, capable of Natural language understanding (NLU) and Natural language processing (NLP). It understands business functions and analyzes them, applying business specific rules and data aware queries, to provide actionable intelligence. It is intuitive and possesses drill down, parking and collaborative capabilities.

JUNI provides a wide array of macro-level capabilities, all by incorporating four aspects: search, learn, predict, and evolve. Searching is pretty straightforward – a simple inquiry using natural language makes it a snap to find data, reports and information presented in the form of dynamic storyboards. Learning, predicting and evolving are the unique aspects of JUNI that draw their power from the platform’s machine learning capabilities. JUNI learns from the user’s history, tendencies and domain rules to provide increasingly relevant results. It predicts what information may be sought based on keywords. Finally, the system evolves over time, based on inputs and actions, to become an increasingly useful information system.


JUNI solves all of an enterprise’s supply, demand, inventory and margin leakage issues by putting intelligent decision making power back in your employees’ hands, all while improving current and future visibility into your operations.

With JUNI, users need never worry about running complex search queries on their own or stress over how to figure out the best way to establish filters to obtain desired information. These aspects will all become intuitive, automatic and thus, result in much more efficient business departments and profit centers. JUNI works with your entire book of business and helps your enterprise maximize profit and obtain total customer satisfaction. Moreover, by virtue of its learning and fine-tuning capabilities, it keeps yielding increasing value from your investment in OpsVeda.

Having OpsVeda’s solutions can be instrumental in improving the efficiency of a company’s supply chain. The ability to satisfy customer demands more effectively through using this platform can give way to lower operating costs and greater sales capacity for new customers.

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