Principal Member of Technical Staff – Backend


Location: Bangalore, India | Greensboro, NC


We are looking for experienced database architects to join our product engineering team.


Required Skills/Experience


With the proverbial 10,000+ hours comfortably under your belt in software engineering, preferably in product development, specifically in relational databases – designing, coding, tuning, optimizing, testing, security, and everything in between, at industrial-strength levels. You are the in essence a go-to-person in DBMS, keenly aware of the innovations in cloud, SaaS, relational through NoSQL, high availability, scalability, managing multiple releases and probably tons more. You are careful in your thought process as, although we are a startup, our customers are corporate giants.


Beyond databases, you might also have tinkered with R, Linux, Java, JavaScript, Python, GO – basically, something above and beyond the ordinary, completing the 360-vision of a software developer who happens to be awesome at databases.


Education: BS/MS in Engineering or Computer Science
Technologies: PL-SQL, SQLSCRIPT, SAP HANA, PAL, R. Prior experience in SAP HANA or PAL is not mandatory.


Our deployment architecture is a high availability high bandwidth secure enterprise Linux (SLES) cloud on AWS.


If the above describes you, send your CV to

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