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Simplified operations to keep up
with the seasons

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Actionable real-time operational intelligence for Fashion & Retail

Real-time supply chain insights

Shorten cycle time from concept to store

Exceed customer expectations

OpsVeda real-time storyboards for Fashion & Retail

Key Benefits

  • Achieve end to end visibility, flexibility and speed.

    Breaking down the barriers and inefficiencies across sales channels with a single, real-time solution. Providing up-to-the-minute visibility across all partners to expedite deliveries to match customer need.

  • Smart supply chain execution.

    Alternate SKUs/ labels/ configuration: A particular SKU being out of stock does not always mean a lost sale. OpsVeda can suggest intelligent alternatives.

  • Increase revenue

    Suggest intelligent alternate SKUs/labels/configurations. Zero in on at-risk orders. Smart container prioritization.

  • Improve customer service level.

    Production tracking and downstream adjustments. Smart fill-rate management. Smart inventory deployment

OpsVeda allows us to do exception based reporting, provides clear visibility into order management issues, performs risk assessment, and work load management… all with near real-time data. It’s been a very good journey and we have seen a lot of value from using OpsVeda. …Our Order Management teams are loving OpsVeda!

– Farrukh Awan | SVP, Business Applications

  • Low cost SaaS solution
  • Pre-integrated with SAP
  • Includes AWS cloud + SAP HANA
  • Real-time operations
  • Deployed in weeks



    OpsVeda named as Cool Vendor in Supply Chain.


    OpsVeda for Fashion/ Retail. Learn how real-time visibility helps Apparel, Footwear industry.


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