Data – Polysemous or Not?

Few days back, I was in an unplanned call with Sanjiv. As the call wound up, I concluded my argument saying, “…after all, data is polysemous.” It was quite uncharacteristic that Sanjiv let me conclude that way because he has a nose for debatable ideas and data being labeled polysemous is at the least contentious. … Read More »

Stale Data – Is the tale getting stale?

  Manager: That shipment is still here? We had agreed to expedite! Team member: It went out at 5:00 AM today. The warehouse confirmed over the phone. It won’t be there in your report but should show up when you download tomorrow. Sounds familiar? It will be to anyone who monitors business on an hourly … Read More »

The Anatomy of a Real-time Prescriptive Analytics System

In the last post Sanjiv discussed about the 4 types of Analytics and the way Real-time Prescriptive Analytics is helping organizations become operationally agile. But what goes on inside such a prescriptive system? To discuss that, we will leverage the OODA framework developed by military strategist Colonel John Boyd. Though developed for achieving success in … Read More »