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Operational Intelligence Platform

Transforming how work gets done.

Opportunity $$ to reduce churn. Reduce penalty. Increase fill rates.

- Joyce Holyfield, Customer Operations

Real-time Predictive Intelligence for improved customer engagement.

Maximize revenue $$ potential. Undersold, Oversold, SLAs.

- Alan Ruzicka, P&L Manager, Controller

Real-time Simulations

for revenue risk management.

Inventory $$ at risk. Optimized placement. Inventory aging trends.

- Sean Cooper, Inventory Manager

Learning from Data

for optimal product and inventory decisions.

Maximize asset utilization. Minimize manufacturing downtime.

- Tanya Williams, Facilities Director

Data Science

for predictive maintenance, increased yield.

OpsVeda continuously analyzes streaming data to uncover business opportunities and risks. Recapture 10-20% revenue and margin leakage attributed to out-of-stocks, excess inventory, missed shipments and penalties… Business, powered by OpsVeda.

Full Stack Platform. Rapid Deployment. Rapid Results.

OpsVeda Value Roadmap

Sense & Response Automation

“OpsVeda shows you in real-time what part of your business is at risk, who to collaborate with, and how to optimize outcomes.”

Platform – Any Process, Any Data, Any Device

US Patent No. 9,639,595



“A number of things can go wrong between the customer placing an order and the payment reaching your organization…”

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“As the supply chain gets leaner, more are the chances of a supplier error having a cascading effect all the way to your customer…”

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“Production managers today have plenty of sources of information – ERP/ CRM/ Procurement, MES, Equipment Sensors, Time logs and so on…”

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“The quantum of signals from the supply chain is increasing. Used well, this can result fewer cases of stock-outs and excess inventory…”

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“The rise of omni-channel has highlighted the need for efficient logistics. Offering multiple options to the customer and knowing the costs for each is key to success…”

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“With an ever expanding manufacturing base and global market presence, the duration & amount of inventory in transit has steadily inched up…”
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“Real-time visibility to consumer demand signals and rapid realignment of warehouse/store inventory is imperative in the era of omni-channel…”

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“With the advent of demand driven supply chains, managing enterprise assets is not just about timely maintenance…”
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About OpsVeda

At OpsVeda, we envision a world where the power of data brings simplicity to day-to-day operational decision making. Our real-time solutions provide operations teams ready answers for questions they encounter daily. By simplifying operations we enable the Enterprise to achieve Speed and Scale. Learn More


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