Where Does Agility Begin?

It starts with targeting Customer Satisfaction & Retention

I have discussed Business Agility as the ability of an Enterprise to run highly automated processes in such a way that human intervention in the process is focused on exception conditions or where transactions are showing signs of likelihood of falling off the benchmark standards of performance, such as time-to-completion. An Agility system, or application, orders the transactions for a user in line with what needs his or her prioritized attention towards the aim of meeting benchmark performance.

Business Agility adds value, and plugs value leakages, towards a company’s topline as well as the bottomline. A question arises: what areas of a company’s operations foremost need to implement agility?

This blogger is of the opinion that the area that gains the most positive impact from agility isCustomer Satisfaction & Retention. An enterprise must foremost focus on loading agility into its customer facing processes.

A delayed, or possibly delayed, shipment to the customer can be pre-emptively communicated to the customer, and with a modest discount for the delay, or a generous discount for his next purchase. A repeat customer calling into your contact center to make an order should be recognized, acknowledged and, based on his purchase history, offered a loyalty discount, or a free upgrade on his shipping method. The system can use the customer name and address to recognize the repeat customer and prompt the order taker to acknowledge him and offer any discounts allowable.

The customer has a complaint around your product but the service ticket has not changed status for 2 days. The system needs to call it to your attention, not merely roll it into a quarter end aggregate efficiency report! An overview, or transaction list of customer facing activities that you perform, or manage or govern, should highlight and put upfront such transactions.

Satisfying the customer by meeting expectations on the speed of delivery of products, services and response sets an Enterprise up for long term growth and sustainability. Where expectations are likely not going to be met, the customer needs to be engaged ahead of time and offered compensation or a token of appreciation for his understanding.

Customer satisfaction and retention in the internet world calls for distinctions in customer recognition, acknowledgement, communication, and value pricing of each experience: sales and service. A thoughtfully constructed Agility platform brings this to the forefront as opposed to mere transaction processing.
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