Supply Management

Maximize visibility. Save money. Reduce risks.

Real-Time actionable storyboard for order to cash process

Real-time operational visibility

Manage by Exceptions

Prioritize. Act now

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

OpsVeda—Supply Management solution enables real-time tracking of the end-to-end procure-to-pay process. Any inconsistency (For example: vendor commitment not in-line with expectation) is sensed as the transactions happen, and the system predicts the impact it will have downstream. Decision support apps, threshold-based alerts and trend trackers are delivered through intuitive storyboards and simplify the decision making process for procurement personnel.




  • Numerous Suppliers
  • Increased Geographic Spread
  • Increased Product Count
  • Shorter Product Life-cycles
  • Frequent Process Changes


  • PO/STO Traceability
  • Task Prioritization
  • Impact Estimation
  • Progress Monitoring
  • IT Dependency


  • Real-time Process View
  • Predicted Exception based Task List
  • Search
  • Time Travel
  • Business Authored Rules

Key benefits

On-time order confirmation to your customers

The lack of PO status visibility will no longer affect your product available to promise (ATP) commits. With OpsVeda, the current status is always available to procurement and sales teams.

Improved internal & external customer satisfaction

Every customer hates surprises. With OpsVeda—Supply Management, your team will know of exceptions before they disrupt the process. Thus, your team can fix the issues before they surprise you and your customers.

Process focus

Your procurement team spends time in reducing value chain inefficiencies rather than focusing on delivering against individual PO/STOs.

Improved collaboration

OpsVeda – Supply Management comes with features that will enable users to collaborate through unstructured email communication and still maintain the context of the structured data. No more copy & paste for maintaining context.

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