OpsVeda’s Channel and Retail Intelligence Solution Provides Full Control to your Enterprise

Retail is often thought of as one of the most complicated and difficult business categories to master. The nature of retail and how people shop is constantly changing and the Covid-19 pandemic has added another layer of volatility. Business owners that exist within any aspect of the retail chain are always searching for a better way to predict customer trends and maximize revenue associated with every purchase.

Diminishment of brand loyalty combined with the growth of specialized chain stores have forced manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to pivot their strategies to a more adaptable solution.


The future of brick and mortar retail has long been trending downwards and health concerns along with government regulations have made the outlook appear even more uncertain. Shopping trends are constantly changing and often shifting to larger retailers. Online retail shopping has become an increasingly favorable solution for many customers, but this can also add much complexity to retail channels.

Trends have shown that brand loyalty has decreased; this has helped facilitate the omni-channel sales solutions. With floods of product offerings entering the market, it is very difficult for brand based companies and distributors to know how to best maximize their returns.

Some of the most common retail network challenges are:


The OpsVeda solution for Channel and Retail Intelligence runs on the OpsVeda platform, an AI and automation enabled real-time process focused platform that allows wide ranging flexibility to the enterprise to optimize decisions pertaining to some of the most critical channel and retail issues it might encounter.

OpsVeda’s Channel and Retail Intelligence solution helps sales, planners and customer service departments to address manufacturing and distribution exceptions in a highly proactive, efficient and scalable manner. The solution provides visibility across process steps, leading to reduced lead times, increased savings and improved customer satisfaction. A real-time view of backlogs, unconfirmed orders and the ability to draw on filtered and prioritized task lists provide quick relief.

Several discrete solutions and insights that would otherwise be difficult or nearly impossible to access are available when using this solution. Some of these specific abilities include:

Re-balancing alerts based on user defined rules with signals from IoT devices, online and offline channels.
These capabilities help answer questions such as: Which SKUs require expediting most often? What is the value of outbound shipments that are stuck? What are the current shipment delays and what is the value across all delays? Which alternative DC can ship this order OTIF? These are all questions that the OpsVeda Channel and Retail Intelligence storyboards, can answer in real-time.

The OpsVeda Channel and Retail Intelligence solution has the ability to import data from internal sources as well as from channel partners. Specific capabilities are available for companies that do business with many of the largest retailers such as Walmart and Target, enabling them to easily sync with these partner systems.


Immediate advantages are seen when the OpsVeda Channel and Retail Intelligence solution is implemented. Several significant benefits have been reported across retail channel enterprises running the solution. Some of the most noteworthy benefits that have helped businesses push towards maximized profits have been:
OpsVeda’s solution for Channel and Retail Intelligence tracks demand signals from internal data, partner systems, on-hand/on-shelf inventory, and supply situations to assess sales, inventory and coverage levels at various locations. With real-time inventory tracking and demand visibility, this solution makes it easier than ever to maximize cash flow and strive towards total customer satisfaction.

Having OpsVeda’s solutions can be instrumental in improving the efficiency of a company’s supply chain. The ability to satisfy customer demands more effectively through using this platform can give way to lower operating costs and greater sales capacity for new customers.

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