Gaining an edge with the Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions from OpsVeda

Modern manufacturing facilities are constantly striving to become more efficient in an effort to best meet customer demands. Despite recent leaps in floor-level technologies, many factors still exist that cause the most seasoned manufacturing managers to struggle with meeting deadlines.

Maintaining production efficiency and providing accurate manufacturing lead time is extremely important because customers are starting to care about fast lead time and accuracy just as much as quality and price. Though modern ERP systems can assist with data from your floor level machines, challenges still exist when trying to interpret data to best maximize yield and reduce production waste.


Manufacturing managers and supervisors are faced with an endless number of challenges as they try to get the most out of their machines, departments and employees. Though the end goal is always to remain on-time at a low cost and high quality, documentation requirements, compliance tasks, intricate business rules, shift changes and machines going down are all challenges that constantly make customer satisfaction a difficult aspect to maintain. Even within a given company’s manufacturing procedures, ERP systems do not always provide the best insight on how manufacturing exceptions change downstream departments or how upstream delays may affect production.

New questions about the status and impacts of manufacturing come up to production managers all the time. Raw material status and its impacts, sales order status in relation to production orders and impacts related to production delays are just a few of the pieces of the production puzzle that production facilities would like to have a real grasp on.


The OpsVeda solution for Manufacturing Intelligence runs on the OpsVeda platform, an AI and automation enabled real-time process focused platform that allows wide ranging flexibility to the enterprise to optimize decisions pertaining to some of the most critical manufacturing issues it might encounter.

OpsVeda’s manufacturing intelligence solution helps managers and supervisors to address production exceptions in a highly proactive, efficient and scalable manner. The solution provides visibility across process steps, leading to reduced lead times, increased savings and improved customer satisfaction. A real-time view of backlogs, and the ability to draw on filtered and prioritized task lists provide quick relief.

The OpsVeda solution provides assistance associated with several key categories:

Single workbench for the operations user

OpsVeda brings together the information you need from all the specialized systems. Users see details of the entire sequence of activities in one shot. All documentation can be accessed in context of the production order transactions. The system is also a single window for all KPIs across departments including adherence to schedule. Drilling-down from the KPI to the underlying transactional elements help pinpoint sources of abnormal performance.

Cross-functional view of production activities

Schedules from every process are transparent to the others through a common Gantt chart. The Gantt chart takes data from every system and gets updated in real-time. This reduces shift handover challenges and makes sure that schedules of one department does not conflict that of another.

Visibility to the complete batch genealogy

Problems detected at any stage of the production process often require examination of the upstream and downstream stages to assess root-cause and impact. In OpsVeda, the entire tactical batch genealogy is displayed in the form of a tree, including related information about upstream batches. The problem batches are highlighted in a different color. One screen tells the user about issues with input batches and all the downstream batches that have been affected.

In-context collaboration

Production & Quality Control tasks involve plenty of fine tuning and constant interaction with the production team. OpsVeda provides an in-mail feature that can keep all such collaborative interactions in context of the tasks at hand. No more lost messages and out-of-context interpretations.

There are several specific, solution storyboards within the OpsVeda platform that are available out of the box. These include:


The OpsVeda Manufacturing Intelligence solution alerts managers to likely disruptions on the shop-floor. This results in timely preventive actions that keeps production schedules aligned to demand patterns. Easy access to production order details, predictive measures based on which orders are at risk and BOM shortage notices will all become information that you can easily discover after being equipped with the OpsVeda solution. This has resulted in some key benefits that have been observed within enterprises that have a immense strength in manufacturing:

Improved adherence to schedule

Attainment of improved planning and tracking of production tasks is facilitated, and the manufacturing life cycle is more closely monitored.

Improved on-time performance

Instant alerts of possible future bottlenecks are made available as well as the ability to predict changes in production processes. Making active decisions based on real-time data is made possible.

Efficient quality reviews

End-to-end visibility into inputs and processes used in all departments is realized for better quality control. Easy batch traceability is ensured.

With the OpsVeda Manufacturing Intelligence solution in the hands of your production team, total customer satisfaction can become a reality. The solution brings together data from diverse sources to provide real-time intelligent visibility into manufacturing, quality and lot traceability processes.

Having OpsVeda’s solutions can be instrumental in improving the efficiency of a company’s supply chain. The ability to satisfy customer demands more effectively through using this platform can give way to lower operating costs and greater sales capacity for new customers.

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