Gain control of your Logistics & In-Transit Tracking needs with the solution from OpsVeda

The reality of doing business in today’s global marketplace has shown many business owners that logistics monitoring has become increasingly important. Many businesses incorporate freight strategies that implement distribution centers with cross docking strategies as well as options for direct to customer freight lines. With an increase in geographic spread of the supply chain, shipping costs have come under the spotlight more often than before. For the sales operations team it is probably the biggest cost element they would like greater control of. Monitoring the value of inbound and outbound assets is a key factor in planning against customer needs. Planners and logistics strategist are also faced with the pressures to dropship inbound and outbound loads but determining when this is actually necessary can often be very time consuming.


Many logistics coordinators are faced with the fact that their company’s customer base is global and their manufacturing locations are in several different countries. This adds several layers to the complexity of logistics management, such as: in-transit costs, compliance considerations and lead-time factors. In order to remain flexible and optimize customer satisfaction, it is also important to have traceability of in-transit inventory, be able to re-route when needed, expedite when needed and adapt based on shipping and delivery trends. These aspects are extremely challenging to measure and view with manual communication and a standalone ERP system.

What product most often requires expediting? What is the value of in-transit shipments? By what value are customers impacted by delays? These are all questions that often come up but often not easy to answer quickly and on the fly, and without resorting to the source system(s).


The OpsVeda solution for logistics & in-transit management runs on the OpsVeda platform, an AI and automation enabled real-time process focused platform that allows wide ranging flexibility to the enterprise to optimize decisions pertaining to some of the most critical supply chain issues it might encounter.

OpsVeda’s logistics & in-transit solution brings in data from all relevant sources – third-party logistics providers, freight forwarders, suppliers, and Point of Sales systems, as necessary. It is therefore better equipped to help shipping/receiving and supply chain teams to address carrier driven exceptions in a highly proactive, efficient and scalable manner. The solution provides visibility across process steps, leading to reduced lead times, increased savings and improved customer satisfaction. A real-time view of backlogs, unconfirmed orders and the ability to draw on filtered and prioritized task lists provide quick relief.

Additionally the OpsVeda platform provides these key solutions for users needing to gain better control of their inbound and outbound logistics:

Current view of in-transit inventory

With real-time integration to carrier tracking sites, the OpsVeda – Product in Transit storyboard, provides the most current status about your shipments at any point of time. This comprehensive application allows for detailed drill down by location capabilities. It also provides a detailed breakdown by product groups, by dollarized lot value, product type and shipping location.

Order linked alerts about likely delays

The solution continuously monitors the actual shipment progress against the plan. A delay at any stage is compared to buffers and any changes in plan, to alert the sales operations team to the potential delivery delay. Apart from the carrier provided plan, the operations team can set up their own predefined milestones to detect unexpected events.

Route change impact analysis

Unpredictable weather and traffic conditions often require shipments to be re-routed. The search feature of OpsVeda allows the operations manager to quickly zero in on shipments headed to certain locations or hubs and redirect them when necessary. Sometimes redirections are necessitated by customer actions (e.g., rush order). Here also operations personnel can leverage the search feature to identify lower priority shipments that may be redirected and are in proximity to the customer.

Configurable graphs and reports

A host of reports are readily available that allow the team to analyze shipping & delivery trends. Further it allows them to configure their own reports without any IT assistance and do the necessary tracking and management.
Logistics In-Transit Visibility


Some of the most significant benefits that have been seen within companies using these OpsVeda solutions include:

Increased Revenue

A real-time view of shipment metrics is obtained. Product availability is maximized and order cancellations are reduced.

Reduced cost

Instant alerts to deviations from route, weather changes, and related issues are made available so that your team can efficiently re-route shipments.

Reduced penalties

Learn of exceptions and potential delays in real-time, work out alternate routes or shipment modes, and avoid penalties while keeping customers happy.

Improved partner reliability

Monitoring of third-party logistics performance by origin, destination, route and shipment type to identify the most reliable partners for various products and customers is enabled.

The OpsVeda solution offers all of these specific benefits that facilitate the ability to keep track of your inventory on the move and in your warehouse with its logistics & in-transit solutions. OpsVeda can shed light on all logistical factors and bring analysis to a network of carriers and shipments that previously seemed everything but organized.

Having OpsVeda’s solutions can be instrumental in improving the efficiency of a company’s supply chain. The ability to satisfy customer demands more effectively through using this platform can give way to lower operating costs and greater sales capacity for new customers.

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