Simplification – Beyond user experience



Last Friday’s Wall Street Journal’s Supply Chain bulletin talks about the likelihood of apps becoming a replacement for freight brokers.  The app could automate the process of looking for the best trucking deal through load-boards and freight brokers. This was yet another example of simplification I had run into in recent days. Suddenly you have a painful process that could even run into hours being replaced by a simple tap on the phone. While the obvious benefit of this simplification will be improved productivity and user experience, the gain from reduction in shipping costs is also going to be very significant.

Efforts at simplification have pervaded almost every aspect of our lives, and the goal has been achieved through myriad methods. But the best part is that the benefits of simplification do not stop with the users’ life getting better – even though that might be the goal at the start.  In almost all cases there are many more benefits with far reaching impact. This is especially true in the Enterprise where after the recent Business Process Re-engineering exercises, there aren’t too many low hanging fruits for process simplification. So, mostly simplification will start off as an exercise aimed at easing user interventions in the process. This comes out clearly in 2 recent blogs from our   customers – Global Brands Group (GBG) and Genentech. These customer case studies illustrate   how  OpsVeda, is used  to “simplify the experience” for the end-users.  But the benefits did not stop with the operations personnel’s life becoming easier. Both our customers have emphasized the  improvements in many metrics that mirror supply chain process health

At Genentech, the  Manufacturing and Quality Control users found it difficult to traverse through multiple systems imposed on them for supply chain agility and regulatory compliance. OpsVeda became the single real-time workbench for them.  But this simplification will sound like a fringe benefit when compared to the other rewards Genentech is reaping – Quicker identification of batches with discrepancies, better hand-over from one shift to the other etc.

GBG’s primary problem was managing the scorching growth that they were clocking year after year. After implementing OpsVeda, the users benefited  from the real-time access to critical information. But the real value comes from the additional revenue and reduced costs,  due to quick evaluation of allocation scenarios, ability to suggest alternate labels/SKUs, accurate monitoring of bulk-orders etc.  Furthermore, GBG is also excited about the efficiencies they have started noticing in critical areas like container prioritization, management of underselling items, meeting customer SLAs around fill-rates etc.

In both these cases,  OpsVeda simplified every day tasks for the operations users by providing them with ready answers to questions that matter. But the exercise also positively impacted efficiencies despite the underlying processes being untouched.

Are you ready for a new chapter in simplification of operational processes?