Right Selection as the Key Element of Agility

WHEN YOU ARE HIRING A PERSON, you want someone that fits the bill. The one that is configured right in his personality and skill set to train for delivering what you require of him. Not simply the fastest person out there.

Again, when you have several payments to make, you make the ones where the deadline is close, not all of them together ~ earn that wee bit more interest on your money by keeping it a few more days in your savings account!

You have a team of Consultants that you manage for deployment on a project, and some of them are behind in entering their time that rolls into the billing to the customers they are serving. You make a call which cases to pursue, and use the time that this selectiveness bestows to offer help and guidance to those that are struggling in their work.

These disjointed examples do not offer a common view on what the selectiveness should be around. Indeed, it is situation and scenario specific. But what is clear is that you do not expend energy to speed up every situation out there.

Selectiveness is the key to maximizing favorable results per human effort.

Automation in business and personal life has added productivity to our experience. We are able to achieve more in the same amount of time. Yet there are a lot of hidden inefficiencies within this ‘new normal’ of automation. We should not have to monitor what is happening in the area of our operation without a method. When we have the method, or can think of one, we deserve an automation tool to capitalize on that method. Sometimes the method might involve making complex calculations, and applying it manually might not yield much productivity or efficiency gain over touching those transactions at random, or touching them all!

BUSINESS AGILITY tools need to provide us with well thought out rules set up to identify events in our transactions that necessitate our intervention, order such transactions to us in line with their impact, urgency of corrective action and, most important, probability of having entered the territory where there would be a slippage on performance benchmarks.

Identifying, Arresting and Addressing exceptions, and potential exceptions, while letting the rest of the automation flow without expenditure of additional human action, is the hallmark of Business Agility