Revenue Risk Management

Manage live demand, supply, inventory & in-transit to optimize revenue, margins, and risk

Real-time operational visibility

Manage by exceptions

In-context collaboration with partners

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

Revenue Risk Management app from OpsVeda enables managers to proactively identify and mitigate risks. It gives them visibility to various demand elements that are at risk, the source and nature of risk. Maximize revenue and margins, powered by real-time operational intelligence.

Revenue Risk Management

Revenue Risk Management

Effortlessly manage & mitigate revenue risks with intuitive storyboards

Key benefits

  • Increase revenue

    Proactive identification and addressing of risks leads to higher revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Improved collaboration

    When you are clear about the transactions that need your teams’ or your vendor’s attention, collaboration becomes a lot easier.

  • Forecast better

    When all risks are visible and accurately classified, the estimates provided to the management will be far more reliable and hence actionable.

  • Improved productivity

    The system helps zero in on the root causes of various risks ensuring that teams are not spending time on unnecessary spreadsheet based analysis.



  • Demand driven re-ordering
  • Increased product variety and shorter life-cycles
  • Non-compliance penalties/charges
  • Custom requirements
  • Frequent process changes


  • Rapid order confirmation
  • Backlog prioritization & communication
  • Frequent expedites
  • IT Dependency


  • Real-time view of backlogs & unconfirmed orders
  • Filtered & prioritized task list
  • In-context collaboration
  • Search
  • Machine learned & business authored rules

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