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At OpsVeda, we envision a world were data science brings simplicity to enterprise operations. With data proliferation at unprecedented rates, coupled with shorter product cycles and broader supply chains, operations and supply chain decision-making is becoming increasingly complex. Progressively, managing and using data intelligently to make most optimized decisions means the difference between gaining a competitive advantage and improving customer satisfaction, or losing out to organizations who do. This is where OpsVeda comes in.

OpsVeda is architected on the premise that all organizations have similar structural make-up with sales, procurement, manufacturing, shipping, finance functions, supported by a multitude of enterprise systems with transactions such as sales orders, purchase orders, production orders, delivery orders and so on. We observed that each such transaction has a similar structure – What, When, Where, How Much. If all of these transactions, every heartbeat across the enterprise operational supply chain, were captured continuously in a Process Agnostic Data/Measure Store, analyzed in real-time, implications understood against the backdrop of historical and continuously learning predictive models, we achieve the real-time operational intelligence platform, known as OpsVeda.

The OpsVeda platform leverages machine-learning and other advanced analytics techniques to analyze operational data in real-time, identify potential opportunities, and recommend preventive or corrective actions. OpsVeda is delivered in the user-friendly format of real-time storyboards, exceptions and alerts. This powers business teams to achieve most optimized decisions, in real-time.


OpsVeda Solution Cloud

Role specific ‘real-time’ intuitive storyboards

Sales Reps

  • Customer order pattern change
  • Lost sales by category/ region
  • Over sold transactions
  • Order exceptions
  • Excess and Deficits
  • Under sold opportunities


  • Shippable SO < 100% filled
  • Past cancel < 100% filled
  • Overlapping contracts
  • Alternate Sloc / Label/ SKUs
  • Under sold opportunities
  • Order exceptions
  • Blocks/ holds/ incompletes


  • Pick ticket analysis (delivery)
  • Projected allocation/ priority
  • Fill rates/ OOS/ NOOS/ OSAR
  • Container prioritization
  • Past cancel/ MABD
  • Forecast to order discrepancy
  • Credit and receivables


  • 3PL exceptions
  • Pick ticket analysis (shipments)
  • Tracking next 7 days (units)
  • Routing by stage (units)
  • Product in transit
  • Units within ship window
  • Container prioritization


  • Predictive impacts on production
  • Predictive impacts on sales
  • Delayed orders by stage
  • Supplier OT and FR scoring
  • Under/ over procurement
  • Sourcing exceptions
  • Blocks/ holds/ incompletes


  • Predictive procurement Impacts
  • Predictive impacts on sales
  • Quality impacts
  • WIP/ RM/ FG inventory
  • Manufacturing exceptions
  • Maintenance impacts
  • Lot Tracking/ genealogy


  • Current month revenue potential
  • Budget & forecast
  • At risk transactions
  • Sales/ sourcing trends/ metrics
  • Inventory deployment/ aging
  • Customer/ vendor patterns
  • Process bottlenecks


  • Current month revenue potential
  • Budget & forecast
  • At risk transactions
  • Sales/ sourcing trends/ metrics
  • Inventory deployment/ aging
  • Customer/ vendor patterns
  • Process bottlenecks

… and for other roles including Planning, Quality, Compliance.

“Status Quo v/s Real-time Operations with OpsVeda”

Value Roadmap

Mobile—Operations On the Go

Manage operations at anytime from anywhere. OpsVeda brings real-time insights and prescriptive guidance to your mobile. Quality of your decisions and productivity remain high even when you are on the move.

Supply Management

As the supply chain gets leaner, more are the chances of a supplier error having a cascading effect all the way to your customer. OpsVeda — Supply Management tracks the end to end procure to pay process in real-time — from raising the PO to the goods being received at your ware-house and the payment being made. Any inconsistency (eg. vendor commitment not in-line with expectation) is sensed as the transactions happen, and the system predicts the impact it will have downstream — based on which relevant alerts are raised to bring the issue to the notice of the personnel who can take preventive/corrective action to avoid delays to your end customer.

Order Fulfillment

OpsVeda – Order Fulfillment is a comprehensive Web based application enabling Customer Service and Sales Operations teams to address sales exceptions in a highly pro-active, efficient, and scalable manner.

Built on the OpsVeda platform, the system leverages complex event processing with real-time integration into backend systems like ERP and CRM, empowering sales to track order processing and address issues before they happen, and giving more visibility and agility to the Order to Cash process.


Production managers today have plenty of sources of information – ERP/ CRM/ Procurement, MES, Equipment Sensors, Time logs and so on. But, regulatory requirements, cost constraints, rising quality expectations, demand uncertainty etc. have forced managers to take decisions at a quicker pace than ever before. The result – many decisions are based on instinct rather than diligent analysis of the available abundant data leading to disruptions that are preventable in hindsight.

Product in Transit

With an ever expanding manufacturing base and global market presence, the duration & amount of inventory in transit has steadily inched up. Furthermore, the impact of delays or disruption now have a much larger ripple effect on supply chain execution. As a result, up to date visibility into in-transit inventory with real time integration to carriers’ systems or 3PL service provider’s system is critical to your success in meeting your customer commitments. OpsVeda—Product in Transit is an application that gives your logistics execution teams, real time cumulated visibility to your products and shipments while in transit, through all stages from the time goods leave the factory to proof of delivery.

Prescriptive Maintenance

With the advent of demand driven supply chains, managing enterprise assets is not just about timely maintenance. It is more about making sure that asset non-availability (due to breakdown or scheduled maintenance) is not a bottleneck when opportunities unfold.

Inventory Management

OpsVeda – Inventory Management continuously monitors inventory position and demand data from internal and external sources. It proactively identifies potential excesses and shortages, and prescribes action to restore the balance between inventory, projected supply, and demand. It analyzes excess inventory to identify root cause—late arrivals? Customer cancellations? Returns? Poor forecasts?

Retail Sales

OpsVeda – Retail Sales Management monitors demand signals across all channels, and continuously evaluates if the inventory placement is optimal to handle the unfolding situation. Through real-time visibility and analysis of inventory position vis-à-vis demand, it prescribes action to maximize revenue and margins.


OpsVeda – Logistics enables enterprises to leverage the mountains of data from systems and sensors, to proactively prevent/ correct disruptions and reduce the time and cost to meet customer commitments.

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