Product in Transit

Because Out of Sight should not become Out of Control.

Real-time actionable insights to know exactly where your inventory is!

Real-time view of shipment metrics

Manage by Exceptions

Prioritize. Act now

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

OpsVeda—Product in Transit gives your logistics execution teams, real time cumulated visibility to your products and shipments while in transit, through all stages from the time goods leave the factory/ warehouse to proof of delivery. The dashboard based solution interprets data from internal systems, carriers and customers in real-time and proactively notifies your team of potential delays and other exceptions to ensure early remedial action.

OpsVeda real-time storyboards for Product-in-transit

Key Benefits

  • Increase Revenue

    Maximize product availability. Reduce order cancellations. Real-time view of shipment metrics. Carrier & Route performance analysis.

  • Reduce cost

    Instant alerts based on deviation from route plan, weather forecast etc. enables efficiently re-route. Real time visibility to shipping & delivery trends enables better shipping route/mode decisions.

  • Reduce penalties

    Sales operations team will know about deviations from plan in real-time. The system will also highlight cases of potential delivery delays in advance allowing the operations team to work out alternate routes or shipment modes, resulting in penalty avoidance and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Improve Service level

    User configured dashboards/ charts and map based views. Proactive identification and resolution of routing issues . Collaborate effortlessly with carriers, forwarding agents, suppliers and customers within the context of the problem transaction.



  • Global customer base
  • Ad-hoc replenishment needs
  • Non-compliance penalties/charges
  • Distant manufacturing
  • Shipping cost containment


  • In-transit inventory trace-ability
  • Re-routing on short notice
  • Frequent expedites
  • Analysis of shipping & delivery trends


  • Current view of In-transit inventory
  • Order linked alerts about likely delays
  • Route change impact analysis
  • Configurable graphs & reports

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