Product in Transit

Because Out of Sight should not become Out of Control.

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

OpsVeda—Product in Transit provides logistics execution teams a real-time view of products and shipments while in transit, from the time goods leave the factory to their proof of delivery. The dashboard-based solution interprets data from internal systems, carriers, and customers in real-time, and proactively notifies your team of potential delays and other exceptions.

Real-time actionable insights to know exactly where your inventory is

Real-time view of shipment metrics

Manage by Exceptions

Prioritize. Act now

OpsVeda real-time storyboards for Product-in-transit

Key Benefits

  • Increase Revenue

    Achieve a real-time view of shipment metrics. Maximize product availability. Reduce order cancellations.

  • Reduce cost

    Receive instant alerts to deviations from route, weather changes, and related issues so that your team can efficiently re-route shipments.

  • Reduce penalties

    Sales operations teams learn of exceptions and potential delays in real-time, early enough that they can work out alternate routes or shipment modes, avoid penalties, and keep customers happy.

  • Improve Service level

    Configure dashboards, charts, and maps for deeper insight. Proactively identify and resolve routing issues. Collaborate seamlessly with carriers, forwarding agents, suppliers, and customers within the context of a problem transaction.



  • Global customer base
  • Ad-hoc replenishment needs
  • Non-compliance penalties/charges
  • Distant manufacturing
  • Shipping cost containment


  • In-transit inventory trace-ability
  • Re-routing on short notice
  • Frequent expedites
  • Analysis of shipping & delivery trends


  • Current view of In-transit inventory
  • Order linked alerts about likely delays
  • Route change impact analysis
  • Configurable graphs & reports


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