OpsVeda for Life Sciences

Real-time Operational Visibility
for Agility and Compliance.

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Actionable Real-time Storyboards for Pharma and Med Device Companies

Real-time Operational Visibility

Advanced Trace & Track

Global Batch Genealogy

OpsVeda Real-time Storyboards for Pharma and Med Device Companies

Key Benefits

  • Achieve asset visibility, tracking & utilization.

    Real-time view of process health – yield, variance, delays/ shortages…

  • Reduce inventory, charge backs.

    Real-time monitoring of available to promise/ ship inventory position

  • Comply with global traceability regulations

    Complete Batch Genealogy with up & down stream traceability.

  • Shorten time to insight into discrepancies

    Proactive alerts on delays/ batch issues, impacted process orders, and work orders.

With OpsVeda, we have a single window for all departments to monitor their PHIs (Process Health Indicators) including ATS (Adherence to schedule) in real-time…

– Andrew Adamson | Associate Director

  • Low cost SaaS solution
  • Pre-integrated with SAP
  • Includes AWS cloud + SAP HANA
  • Real-time operations
  • Deployed in weeks



    OpsVeda positioned in the Market Guide for Supply Chain visibility


    Advanced Lot Traceability and Supply Chain Visibility


    OpsVeda for Fashion/ Retail. Learn how real-time visibility helps Apparel, Footwear industry.


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