Order Fulfillment Optimize. Drive sales

Real-time actionable storyboard for order to cash process

Real-time operational visibility

Manage by exceptions

In-context collaboration with partners

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

OpsVeda – Order Fulfillment is a comprehensive Web based application enabling Customer Service and Sales Operations teams to address sales exceptions in a highly proactive, efficient, and scalable manner. The solution provides real-time visibility to the Order to Cash process, leading to reduced cycle times, higher revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

OpsVeda real-time actionable storyboards for order fulfillment

Key benefits

Reduced Shortages

Your sales operations team will know about shortages well before an order becomes overdue. Our customers have experienced over 80% reduction in shortages, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

On-time order confirmation to your customers

Real-time visibility has helped our customers improve on-time confirmation by over 15%.

Improved sales operations productivity

Your team will not be sitting through spreadsheets to identify the orders that need attention. they will have a prioritized task-list that is current at any point of time.

Improved collaboration

OpsVeda solution enables better collaboration and team work. It ensures communication between stake-holders is effortless and stream-lined.



  • Demand driven re-ordering
  • Increased product variety and shorter life-cycles
  • Non-compliance penalties/charges
  • Custom requirements
  • Frequent process changes


  • Rapid order confirmation
  • Backlog prioritization & communication
  • Frequent expedites
  • IT Dependency


  • Real-time view of backlogs & unconfirmed orders
  • Filtered & prioritized task list
  • In-context collaboration
  • Search
  • Machine learned & business authored rules

I rely mostly on OpsVeda because it is so much faster than SAP!

– Stephen White | GBG Canada Apparel & Accessories, GBG Denim US | Divisions of Global Brands Group

“We used to confirm around 85% of orders the same day. With OpsVeda we got that figure to 98%.”

– Samrat Sengupta | Senior Director IT | Western Digital

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