OpsVeda – Voice of the Customer

It is one thing for my colleagues and me to wax eloquent about the merits of our product. But it is something else to hear back from users who live the product every day. And that’s what happened when we conducted a survey of OpsVeda# users at a large multi-billion dollar electronics manufacturer. To our delight, the users’ feedback was in-line with our thoughts about the benefits the product was expected to deliver. This post captures a brief summary of our findings.

The survey was conducted anonymously and about 40 users from sales operations teams in the US, Europe & Asia participated. One part of the survey was focused on the productivity gains the users experienced.  The chart below gives an overview of the responses in this area:

One way to read the chart is to infer that usage of the product has led to significant improved productivity (the median improvement appears to be around 40%).  While that by itself is a reason for celebration, the more important point the chart conveys is the linkage between the three areas we gathered feedback on – the pattern of responses across all 3 is consistent.  And for us, that was yet another indicator that we are directionally right. The primary thought behind the design of OpsVeda is to help the user prioritize her/his work (blue bars in the chart). For most part, that is where OpsVeda’s leverages the data-crunching muscle of SAP HANA. Once the operations user is able prioritize her/his work, improved productivity (red bars) and well served customers (yellow bars) are all but a natural consequence.  No doubt – the real-time visibility to various metrics has played a role in the improved productivity but most of it has come because of OpsVeda’s ability to zero in on the few orders (out of the tens of thousands) that need immediate attention of the sales operations team.  The real-time overall visibility would matter a lot more to the management user.

Another key finding from the survey was that most of the users felt that OpsVeda covered about 20-40% of the activities they do on a day-to-day basis. This was a bit of a surprise to us because in most companies Sales Operations personnel juggle a number of tasks and we were expecting to hear something around 10-15%. Yet another pointer to the impact OpsVeda’s has on the day-to-day operational activities.

We had always heard from the management at the customer about the benefits they were experiencing ~80% reduction in “red zone” backlog orders, same day order confirmation increasing from 85% to 98% etc. In most cases improved revenue & customer satisfaction correlates well with improved productivity and hence the results were not unexpected. Nevertheless, nothing like end user provided data telling us a similar story.

Of course the survey would not have been complete without capturing the users’ thoughts on where the product can do better.  The participants did not disappoint – there were lots of pointers around what more they would like to see – additional reports, suggestions around navigation, additional data-points to name a few; The good news is that almost 80% of these are already part of the latest version of OpsVeda. Time to launch the next survey…

#The survey was conducted on users of the previous version of the OpsVeda Suite (Business Agility Suite).