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Your Chosen Prebuilt
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Which orders are at risk of being canceled? Which ones will miss customer committed dates? Should shipping be done from an alternate location? The package answers these and many other questions that plague sales operations teams daily.
Revenue Risk

Revenue Risk

The package allows managers to make an educated estimate of the revenue for the period. It also enables them to simulate revenue estimates based on different assumptions for fulfillment based on stage of the order and stock availability.


With this package, your team can continuously assess inventory alignment to demand and proactively re-balance as necessary. Factor in inventory age and expiry to help planners pull forward or push out purchases, and make disposition or promotion decisions.
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Procurement managers use the package to match supply to demand and identify purchase orders requiring additional action like pull forward, expedite, push back or cancellation.


The package provides visibility & traceability to manufacturing processes. It links production to inventory & purchases to identify production orders and consequently customer orders that is at risk of delays. Related alerts enable proactive action.

Logistics &

Use this package to keep track of ETAs for your inbounds and outbounds. Identify the containers that need to be prioritized based on demand and inventory on hand.
Channel Retail


The package tracks demand signals from internal data, partner systems, on hand/on shelf inventory, and supply situations to assess sales, inventory and coverage levels at various locations. Any excess or shortage is instantly identified and alerted.
End to end


This package enables managers to monitor the entire network including plants, warehouses, suppliers and demand locations. Disruptions and execution issues are overlaid on the network for contextual analysis. Detailed drill-downs pinpoint affected transactions and stakeholders.

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Data and Users


10 Named Users

Additional users at $100/user per month


1 Configurator

Additional configurators at $500/configurator per month

50000 MBO

50,000 Monitored Business Objects (MBO)

MBO = Monitored Transaction Line Item Additional MBOs at $0.01/MBO per month

Case Studies

Reduce Lost Sales

Reduce Lost Sales through Efficient Logistics Operations

Reduce Lost Sales through Efficient Logistics Operations GraceKennedy’s (GK) mission is to deliver the taste of Jamaican and other multicultural foods to the world GK […]
Improve Forecast

Improve Forecast and Proactively Manage Revenue Risk and Opportunities

Improve Forecast and Proactively Manage Revenue Risk and Opportunities Centric Brands Inc. is a leading lifestyle brand collective that designs, sources, markets and sells high […]
Managing Warehouse

Managing Warehouse Dispatches to Minimize Production Idle Time

Managing Warehouse Dispatches to Minimize Production Idle Time Leading developer, manufacturer and provider of data storage devices Has a rich heritage of innovation and operational […]
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