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It is no longer about presenting intelligence and reports to users. Rather, the intelligent system ought to prescribe to users what needs attention or action, and with user pre-authorization, automate that action.


Significant additions and improvements in 8.0 include:

 – JUNI as the new foundation for dollar prioritized Opportunity Apps
 – Additional Opportunity Apps to drive margin improvement and inventory optimization
 – Support for advanced slice and dice on complex measures like days of inventory and fill-rate
 – User ability to configure rich multi-faceted storyboards with zero dependence on IT
 – User ability to park dynamic data insights, and pin them as favorites for self and team
 – Enhancements towards support for custom alert functions and improved message personalizations

With OpsVeda real time solutions you can:
  1. Gain real-time visibility into operational exceptions, opportunities, actions
  2. Efficiently manage processes spanning Order Fulfillment, Procurement, Inventory and Logistics
  3. Recapture 10-20% of revenue and margins missed every day by addressing Out of stock, Oversold, Chargebacks, Expediting goods, Missed Shipments


OpsVeda is enabled in just a matter of 8-10 weeks.

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