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Dollar Prioritized Decision Apps

Every day, enterprises see 10-20% revenue and margin leakage, attributed to out of stocks, fill rates, penalties, expedites, poor vendor performance, insufficient customer lead times, and more.

For a $1B revenue company, this leakage means between $10M-$30M in bottom-line.

OpsVeda Opportunity Apps are a set of applications that use dollar impact to prioritize and act on revenue/margin leakages.

Focus on Dollars at Stake

Let’s face it, nobody cares about the effort that goes in. What counts is the dollar impact of what you do. Opportunity Apps compute the dollars that are at stake with your organization-specific rules in real-time. So, you will know the impact you will make, before investing your time.

Flawless Execution

We know that execution is about the details. The apps not only provide a dollar estimate but also highlight the path to success. The personalized storyboards with clear drill-down to the actionable customer, supplier, product or transaction ensure that your execution is flawless.

Analyst Curated

Organizations are complex and not everything can be codified into rules. We understand that day to day adjustments are necessary. You will be supported by a team of data analysts who understand what works on the ground. They will review the system recommendations to pick out the most promising ones.

Our Skin in the Game

You have deployed enough software based on optimistic business cases. Experience has taught you to be skeptic and we can work with that. Your success will define ours and our pricing reflects that. A low fixed fee and a share of your realized benefits is our model. That way you have our skin in the game!

Opportunity Apps: Many Paths to Dollar$

Exploit Demand

Impacts: Revenue

Stakeholders: Planning | CSR

Impacts: Revenue

Stakeholders: CSR | Shipping

Impacts: Revenue

Stakeholders: Planning | Sales | Finance

Streamline Supply

Impacts: Margin

Stakeholders: Purchase | Finance

Impacts: Revenue

Stakeholders: Purchase | Production

Impacts: Margin

Stakeholders: Planning | Purchase

Optimize Inventory

Impacts: Margin | Inventory

Stakeholders: Finance | Planning | Shipping

Impacts: Inventory

Stakeholders: Planning | Sales | Procure

Impacts: Inventory

Stakeholders: Planning | Sales

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