Steer Your Business Operations With Real-Time Operational Intelligence

What is Operational Intelligence?

Operational intelligence analyzes the ever-changing operational data in real-time and prescribes preventive/corrective action.

Why Operational Intelligence?

  • Traditional BI lags behind business – hinders timely decisions
  • Real-time analysis enables quick decision making
  • Timely decisions make it possible to recapture a portion of the typical 10-20% revenues and margins left on the table due to out-of-stocks, excess inventory, missed deliveries and penalties

How and where Operational Intelligence can impact?

All parts of the supply chain can benefit from timely decision making. Hence Operational Intelligence can have an impact on the entire supply chain. Supply management, Manufacturing, Order fulfillment and Transportation are low hanging fruits.

How life changes with Operational Intelligence?

  • Everyone in the COO organization knows the current situation
  • Issues that need attention are automatically prioritized
  • Actions needed to fix issues are prescribed

“With OpsVeda real-time operational intelligence platform we get clear visibility into exceptions in near real-time!” – Farrukh Awan | SVP, Business Applications| Global Brands Group.

“… Earlier, we used to confirm around 85% of orders the same day. With OpsVeda we got that figure to 98%.”– Samrat Sengupta | Senior Director IT | SanDisk.

“… Early analysis and exception based alerting can help supply chain managers take preventive action. Organizations planning to implement such sense and respond systems should evaluate OpsVeda.” – Amber Salley | Gartner analyst.

OpsVeda is an enterprise software company focused on providing operational intelligence and real-time analytics solutions. We enable real-time predictive visibility into opportunities and risks across execution processes spanning supply, manufacturing, order fulfillment, logistics, channel, and retail operations. OpsVeda customers span the consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, apparel & footwear, life sciences, industrial machinery and high-tech industries.

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