Predict risks . Reduce bottlenecks.

Real-time actionable insights for manufacturing

Real-time operational visibility

Manage by Exceptions

Prioritize. Act now

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

OpsVeda – Manufacturing brings together data from diverse sources to provide real-time visibility into manufacturing processes. OpsVeda alerts managers to likely disruptions on the shop-floor based on pre-set parameters they define and customize. The early detection of relevant exceptions enables businesses to take preventative actions.

OpsVeda real-time actionable storyboards for manufacturing

Key Benefits

  • Improved adherence to schedule

    Achieve improved planning and tracking of production tasks. Closely monitor the manufacturing life cycle.

  • Improved on-time performance

    Receive instant alerts of possible future bottlenecks. Predict changes in production processes. Make active decisions based on real-time data.

  • Efficient quality reviews

    Realize end-to-end visibility into inputs and processes used in all departments for better quality control. Ensure easy batch traceability.

  • Improved hand-overs

    Improve shift handover. Plan effectively. Improve collaboration.



  • Complicated business processes
  • Constant shift level changes
  • Deep traceability requirements (regulatory)
  • Extensive documentation requirements


  • Too many systems
  • Shift change complexities
  • Up/ Down stream visibility & Impact assessment
  • Adherence to schedule
  • Keeping documentation and process in sync


  • Single workbench for the operations user
  • Cross-functional view of production activities
  • Visibility to the complete batch genealogy
  • In-context collaboration


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