Because rigid SLAs call for flexible execution

Real-time exception monitoring & prescriptive execution

Real-time transaction & “things” visibility

Manage by Exceptions

Prioritize. Act now

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

OpsVeda – Logistics enables enterprises to leverage the mountains of data from systems and sensors to proactively prevent or correct disruptions, and reduce the time and cost to meet customer commitments.

OpsVeda real-time actionable storyboards for Logistics

Key Benefits

  • Reduce transportation costs

    Monitor demand by destination in conjunction with service-level agreements for efficient fleet and container utilization.

  • Lower inventory

    Achieve real-time visibility of stock positions across distribution centers. Closely monitor demand and receive alerts to product expiration dates.

  • Improve partner reliability

    Monitor third-party logistics performance by origin, destination, route, and shipment type to identify the most reliable partners for various products and customers.

  • Improve picking efficiency

    Receive intelligent recommendations based on past customer interactions.



  • Demanding customers/ Penalties
  • More global and more complex supply chain
  • Competitive pressures


  • Meeting stringent SLA requirements cost effectively
  • Opacity of shipments and tracking/ tracing issues
  • Reduce labor costs and still meet SLAs
  • Reduce sourcing costs


  • Prioritized task list based on data from transaction systems, warehouse sensors and 3PL
  • Real-time visibility/ alerts based on sensor and transaction data
  • Prescriptions based on analysis of pick tickets
  • Analyze sourcing trends and transportation costs


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