Because rigid SLAs call for flexible execution

Real-time exception monitoring & prescriptive execution

Real-time transaction & “things” visibility

Manage by Exceptions

Prioritize. Act now

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

OpsVeda – Logistics enables enterprises to leverage the mountains of data from systems and sensors, to proactively prevent/ correct disruptions and reduce the time and cost to meet customer commitments.

OpsVeda real-time actionable storyboards for Logistics

Key Benefits

  • Reduce transportation costs

    Monitor destination wise demand in concert with SLA commitments for efficient fleet and container utilization.

  • Lower inventory

    Real-time visibility of stock positions across DC’s, closer monitoring of demand and product expiration related alerts ensure that you do more with less.

  • Improve partner reliability

    Monitor 3PL performance by origin, destination, route and shipment type to identify the most reliable partners for various products and customers.

  • Improve picking efficiency

    Intelligent prescriptions based on past customer-product-quantity mix.



  • Demanding customers/ Penalties
  • More global and more complex supply chain
  • Competitive pressures


  • Meeting stringent SLA requirements cost effectively
  • Opacity of shipments and tracking/ tracing issues
  • Reduce labor costs and still meet SLAs
  • Reduce sourcing costs


  • Prioritized task list based on data from transaction systems, warehouse sensors and 3PL
  • Real-time visibility/ alerts based on sensor and transaction data
  • Prescriptions based on analysis of pick tickets
  • Analyze sourcing trends and transportation costs

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