Your A.I powered assistant. I’m dedicated to
making your business’s operation and supply
chain more autonomous and streamlined

What can JUNI do for you?

JUNI clears the clutter out of your daily operations,
enabling you to look only at what needs attention

It crawls the OpsVeda database using Data Aware Queries, and searches for specific answers to your everyday questions.

JUNI continuously benefits from the data that is captured from
the universe of systems, data sources connected to OpsVeda,
and from user activities on the OpsVeda platform

JUNI learns from user initiated actions and evolves, becoming smarter and more efficient building on its ever growing set of Skills.

Using the data gathered, JUNI can predict your needs and dynamically provide information on systems and processes that need attention.

What makes JUNI special?

  • Natural language understanding (NLU)
  • Intuitive and Minimalist UI
  • Possesses Drill Down, Parking, and Collaborative capabilities
  • It understands business functions and analyzes them, applying rules and data aware queries, to provide actionable intelligence.

JUNI’s Value Roadmap

JUNI is constantly evolving and learning new skills to be a better assistant.

Soon, it will be capable of trigerring Automated Response Bots to pro-actively engage you the user, or a process, or better still, render decisions on your behalf.

A Mobile Voice Interface is also coming soon.

Stay tuned for more updates by following our blog and mailing list.

Search, Learn, and Predict with JUNI

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