Inventory Optimization

Real-time actionable storyboards for inventory visibility, aging, shelf life optimization, shortage & overage analysis and disposition

Real-time inventory-demand alignment

Manage by Exceptions

Prioritize. Act now

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

OpsVeda Inventory Optimization app continuously assesses alignment of inventory positions to demand and supply information from internal and external sources. Managers are pro-actively alerted to potential excesses and shortages with recommendations to restore the balance between inventory, shelf life, supply and demand.

Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization

Real-time storyboards to keep inventory aligned to demand

Key Benefits

  • Increase Revenue

    Reduce out-of-stock events through the real-time monitoring of demand, stock at internal and partner locations, production schedules, and planned inward movements of stock.

  • Free up working capital

    Reduce buffer stock with better visibility into demand, supply, production, and inventory.

  • Improve service levels

    Improve fill-rate commitments and meet deadlines by placing stock at the optimal location, in response to demand.

  • Reduce inventory costs

    Reduce spoilage, distress sales, and other carrying costs.



  • SKU proliferation
  • Unpredictable demand
  • Customer affinity for “Freshness”
  • Complex products with extensive and deep Bill-of-Material


  • Granular inventory visibility
  • Inventory at the wrong locations
  • Managing shorter shelf-lives
  • Too many production halts due to unexpected raw-material/ sub-assembly shortages


  • Exception based alerts to SKUs needing attention
  • Prescribed inventory re-balancing
  • Business user defined alerts to manage expiry driven promotions
  • Real-time comparison inventory position of complete BOM to production schedules

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