OpsVeda for Industrial & Aerospace Equipment

Intelligent information access for
manufacture and support of complex products

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End-to-end real-time visibility & intelligence — From suppliers to service centers

End-to-end visibility & traceability

Alerts to potential component shortages

Insights to optimize process

OpsVeda real-time actionable storyboards for Equipment Makers

Key Benefits

  • Prevent component shortages and delays

    Integrate transaction and IoT data to get a real-time view of purchase transactions, production schedules, warranty/ maintenance contracts and field failures. Detect supply-demand gaps and prevent component shortages.

  • Track & trace components easily

    Trace components based on serial number, supplier or final equipment details. Effortlessly pin-point units that need attention/ recall or trace back origin of issues in a multi-tier supplier network.

  • Reduce component costs

    Reduce cost supported by improved lead times, more accurate forecasts, fewer change requests and fewer expedites.

  • Improve manufacturing yield

    Track manufacturing progress and supplies against custom order details for improved yields and fewer reworks.

Tailor made for your industry

Industrial & Aerospace equipment makers sit on a mountain of data. Sources include internal systems, IoT data from warehouses, assembly lines and products on the field, carrier feeds, suppliers, distribution partners, and service & warranty systems.

The basic tools normally used for analysis, deliver little for business beyond spotting the most mundane of trends. With OpsVeda data is acquired and analyzed in real-time. Pre-defined industry templates and flexible end user configuration ensures that users get insights the way they need it to take action. Capabilities include:

  • Early alerts on supplier delays based on Trends, Acknowledgements, ASN & GR Postings
  • Shipment delay/ progress monitoring based on integration to EDI 214,315 messages, or carrier web-services
  • Serial tracking and traceability of parts and sub-assemblies
  • Shop-floor equipment maintenance alerts
  • Spare parts replenishment based on warranty claims and sensor data from products

  • Low cost SaaS solution
  • Pre-integrated with SAP
  • Includes AWS cloud + SAP HANA
  • Real-time operations
  • Deployed in weeks



    OpsVeda positioned in the Market Guide for Supply Chain Visibility


    Advanced serial number level traceability, and supply chain visibility


    Learn how real-time visibility helps Industrial & Aerospace equipment makers


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