End to End Monitor

Real-time actionable storyboards for end to end supply chain visibility and optimization. Live integrated view of supply, demand, inventory and in-transit for optimal execution

Real-time operational visibility

Manage by exceptions

In-context collaboration with partners

Monitor. Predict. Optimize

End to End Monitoring apps from OpsVeda allows the user to start with a complete view of the supply chain and drill-down to the details needed to address problems. The monitor covers every plant, warehouse, supplier, customer and any other location of interest and overlays any issues including natural disaster. The user can review the supply/ demand situation at each location and even resolve exceptions as needed.

Storyboards to track the supply chain end-to-end

Key benefits

  • Reduce working capital

    A complete view of the demand, supply and inventory situation at each location enables efficient allocation of stocks resulting in better availability despite lower overall inventory levels..

  • Improve service levels

    The app acts as a control tower for your supply chain keeping you abreast of developments at your locations, assets in transit and partner premises. The real-time visibility enables you to make adjustments on the fly so that customer SLAs are adhered to. .

  • Improve productivity

    Your team will be able to move quickly from an overview of the situation all the way down to the transactions that need their attention. They can even resolve exceptions in source systems from OpsVeda..

  • Better collaboration

    The significantly improved visibility provides much needed clarity when your team collaborates with internal and external stake-holders..



  • Demand driven re-ordering
  • Increased product variety and shorter life-cycles
  • Non-compliance penalties/charges
  • Custom requirements
  • Frequent process changes


  • Rapid order confirmation
  • Backlog prioritization & communication
  • Frequent expedites
  • IT Dependency


  • Real-time view of backlogs & unconfirmed orders
  • Filtered & prioritized task list
  • In-context collaboration
  • Search
  • Machine learned & business authored rules


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