Apparel and Footwear – No Charge Deployment

Limited Time Offer # for SAP AFS customers – ‘No Charge’ deployment of OpsVeda, on Cloud

OpsVeda, powered by SAP HANA, enables a paradigm shift for AFS customer’s – an opportunity to shift your operations

… from the “vastly excel intensive, nightly batch run based, search for problems paradigm” …

… to a streamlined Real-time platform that brings Sales/ Supply/ Inventory/ Allocations insight and actionable drill-down, in a LIVE workbench for end users, managers and executives!

OpsVeda software can help your team reduce cost and improve execution, by an order of magnitude. It is deployed in 4 weeks for SAP AFS customers, on the cloud, on a SAAS subscription basis.

And yes, for select AFS customers, we are offering NO CHARGE deployment offer to prove our point.

This Deployment will enable streaming Real Time capability for:

  • Allocation Previews, Alternative Allocations, ATS
  • Container Prioritization
  • Time Phased Fill Rates across your complete backlog
  • Manage by Exceptions for Allocators/ Order Management Associates
  • Ability to continuously monitor Cycle Times, select metrics, and attainment of current period targets

OpsVeda with its ability to acquire and analyze massive amounts of data in real-time, and with its “Manage by Exception” paradigm is uniquely placed to address the issues SAP AFS users face. The solution comes pre-configured for key processes in the Apparel/Footwear-Retail value chain and can be easily configured to accommodate client specific requirements.

OpsVeda for AFS - Order Management Storyboard - One click to everything, in Real Time

OpsVeda for AFS - Allocation Preview, Exceptions and Fill Rates, in Real Time

The above illustrations gives a simplified storyboard for the core of any Apparel Footwear business.

Order Management Associates get one click navigation into daily activities, detail drill down into Transactions ready to ship, Lateness, Bulk referencing, Duplicates, Past Cancel, Approaching Cancel, Approaching Start Date, Returns, Shipment Status, and so on.

Managers and Executives log into real time visibility into Current’ Performance to Target, Inventory Aging, Cycle Times, Fill Rates, Metrics, and so on.

Allocator’s get real time access to Allocation Preview, Alternative Allocation scenarios, ATS (Available to Ship), Container Prioritization, and so on.

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# No Charge Deployment is a limited period offering, exclusively for SAP AFS customers, for contracts executed and deployment initiated before August 31, 2015. Customer does not need to bring SAP HANA or any infrastructure to support this deployment. OpsVeda provides the complete stack on cloud.

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