An Operations Leader’s Awakening

A Poetic take on the needs of Operations and Supply Chain Leaders, and how process automation with OpsVeda changes the game!

I suspect my phone can read my mind,
It always rings when the moment is most unkind.
There it goes again… Some breakdown this time.
Figuring downstream impact is a grind,
And customers will put me in a bind.

Just when I got started with the data pull,
In walks my team member like cucumber cool.
He waved his phone at me and said,
It’s only 3 customers, don’t mewl.
All have safety stock, so no trouble.

Barely did I lean back and catch my breath,
And in came the next call of death.
“There’s going to be a stock-out,” yelled the VP.
I turn to the analyst, eyes filled with wrath.
“En route and on time,” said he with spirit so blithe.

Good day so far, and I hit the snack bar.
There the plant manager says that my team is all-star.
“Raw material is there just when I need it,” she beams,
“And the costs have been lowest by far.”
Must be some dream because this is all so bizarre.

I meet the management post lunch,
The story continues with the CFO praising our hunch.
“Margins and sales rising together,” he exclaimed!
By now I know something is happening in the trench.
I dash back to know about the secret winch.

With bewilderment that my face would attest,
I asked, “How are we making decisions that are the best?”
“OpsVeda’s real-time platform makes it easy,” they said.
Now decisions are based on info that are latest.
So action is timely and problems get redressed.

“Real-time! Is that all?” I enquire, still confused.
“OpsVeda’s rules map our processes perfectly,” they enthused.
Now that must be the game changer, I ponder.
But there was more that the team educed;
In a click opportunities were exploited and risks reduced.

Next the team shows me JUNI;
That is handy for ad-hoc analysis and miscellany.
Data exploration was never so easy, I muse;
While being enlightened of the team’s source of epiphany,
And knowing that OpsVeda is going to be my team’s crony.

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