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At OpsVeda, we envision a world where data science brings simplicity to operations. The surge in data availability, coupled with shorter product cycles and broader value chain networks, has made operational decision making incredibly complex. Mostly organizations end up with sub-optimal decisions, because they are based on incomplete, and error prone manual analysis on stale BI systems and multiple spreadsheets. We ease the lives of business teams by providing them ready answers for questions they encounter daily. Powered by our patented technology, deep supply chain expertise, and passion for business agility, OpsVeda has been perfecting operations intelligence for almost a decade.

The OpsVeda platform leverages machine learning and other advanced analytic techniques to analyze current events in real-time, and provides specific quantity and value assessments relating to such events. This simplifies and optimizes the hundreds of decisions business teams make everyday, empowering the enterprise to enhance Speed and Scale.

In recent years supply chains have become more complex, and risk has increased. This has led to a situation where disruptions are much harder to foresee, making the case stronger for real-time supply chain visibility solutions like OpsVeda.
Early analysis and exception based alerting can help supply chain managers take preventive action. Organizations planning to implement such sense and respond systems should evaluate OpsVeda, especially if they run their business on SAP.

– Amber Salley, Gartner Analyst


OpsVeda, Inc. is managed by a team of experienced industry veterans who have deep expertise and specialization in a variety of technologies, software and solutions.

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Advisory Board

The OpsVeda Advisory Board consists of leaders from the industry and software world. This includes CXOs/ Ex-CIOs, Line of Business leaders, and software industry veterans. We use their advice to calibrate our technology choices, business focus and scale.

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Our vision is to enable enterprises to scale by simplifying operations.

The OpsVeda platform provides real-time, actionable intelligence that allows operations personnel to make day-to-day decisions in a simplified way.

If you are an independent software vendor or service provider (especially in the SAP ecosystem) and have solutions that may complement or enhance the value of OpsVeda offerings to large enterprises in the Apparel & Footwear, High Tech, Consumer Goods, or Life Sciences industries, we can accelerate adoption of your solutions.

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OpsVeda is employee-owned. Our growth is fueled by customer revenue through product license sales.

We continue to evaluate investment partners who might contribute to our growth through their network, experience and resources.

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