The “Ten” you need for a successful 2021

Last week Bill Gates offered his annual list of the top 5 books to read, “5 good books for a lousy year.” I think most of us can agree that 2020 has not been the greatest year of our lives. A year that has been a defining one for many – and largely because of … Read More »

De-risking Operational Intelligence Projects – The OpsVeda Way!

Amidst the blare of the US elections many of us probably didn’t notice the opening of Berlin’s new airport on 31-Oct. With its opening delayed by a good 9 years and budget overshot by $4 billion, the capital city’s airport stands out as an exception in a country reputed for engineering & planning excellence.

Plugging Revenue and Margin Leakages – Easier done than said with OpsVeda 9.0!

Who is the highest earning sports person of all time? If you said Jordan or Woods or Schumacher… let me repeat, I said “all time.” It turns out that some assessments peg the winnings of Gaius Appuleius Diocles, a Roman chariot racer who lived about 1900 years back, at today’s $15 billion! In comparison, Michael … Read More »

Powering up Operational Excellence

What organizations really need is to see around corners—before they get to them. While the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is growing in popularity, it is becoming increasingly clear that for better decision-making capability, some form of predictive intelligence must precede this. In an ever more dynamic environment, the need for current, and even … Read More »

Top Priorities for 2H 2020 and beyond…

In the weeks following the onset of the COVID shutdowns, most organizations were in crisis-response mode; but as things return to a normal (or semi-normal) state, business leaders should pause, take some time to assess the efficacy of their actions, and internalize the lessons learned.

The Data-Driven Organization…

In recent years, a new saying has grown popular among many business leaders: “Data is the new oil.” With the advent of IoT, mobile devices, and web services, the volume of data available has increased exponentially. Forward-thinking companies are realizing that there are hidden riches locked inside their information systems; and with the right data … Read More »

Automation Is Key To Scaling Operations…

On his popular TV show “The Profit,” entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis repeats this mantra frequently: successful businesses are built on the three P’s; people, product, and process. The concept has its origins in lean manufacturing, but it has since taken hold across a broader spectrum of industries.

Data – Polysemous or Not?

Few days back, I was in an unplanned call with Sanjiv. As the call wound up, I concluded my argument saying, “…after all, data is polysemous.” It was quite uncharacteristic that Sanjiv let me conclude that way because he has a nose for debatable ideas and data being labeled polysemous is at the least contentious. … Read More »