Bulk Orders and the Bulkier Genie

Few weeks back, Sanjiv & I were at a meeting with a major apparel brand manufacturer to present OpsVeda solutions to their team. The operations team suggested we pick an issue that couldn’t be resolved earlier, and explain how OpsVeda will make a difference in the process. One of the experienced operations’ team member suggested … Read More »

Validations vs. Exceptions

What is the difference between validations done in transaction systems and the exceptions handled in OpsVeda? This is a most frequently asked question from customers in every introductory meeting. So, I thought it might be useful to do a post that elucidates the difference. Validations are inspections/“checks” that are done to ensure whether the transactions are … Read More »

Information abundance and Context deficit

During World War II, in the days prior to the battle of Midway American cryptanalysts had cracked the Japanese JN-25 code. This enabled the US Navy to get a clear idea of Japanese battle plans… barring one important detail – they didn’t know where the Japanese planned to attack. All the Japanese communication used the … Read More »